Following its move to a new Montreal location, Montreal’s Morgentaler abortion facility needs a new injunction to prevent pro-lifers from demonstrating near the abortuary, and Campagne Quebec Vie plans to fight it. For 25 years Quebec pro-lifers have picketed across the street but when the Morgentaler Clinic moved to a new location, next door to the Femina abortuary, CQV demonstrators showed up at the doorstep.

The Morgentaler Clinic has secured a provisional injunction but are set to argue for a so-called temporary interlocutory order, which, like the Ontario temporary injunction, can last as long as it goes unchallenged.

In their affidavit, the abortion facility claim the “rights and freedoms” of their staff and clients “are compromised by the actions of the defendants and their sympathizers.” They charge CQV with exploiting “the relocation of the Morgentaler Clinic to another area of the city of Montreal by not respecting the spirit of the first ordinance thus causing injury to the Plaintiffs and the patients and staff of the Morgentaler Clinic and Femina clinic.”

CQV’s Georges Buscemi says the organization wants to claim the “social facts” in Canada have changed to the extent there should no longer be a “bubble zone” to keep away pro-life volunteers.

“We expect them to argue again that they need the bubble zone to protect the privacy and security of the clients,” Buscemi told LifeSiteNews. “But since the early ‘90s a lot of research evidence has come out showing the dangers to the health of the women that abortion causes.” Buscemi explained that presenting these facts to women requires them to be nearer the abortion mills where they can read the pro-life signs and receive material.

Buscemi says CQV supporters are not protesting but praying and offering information about the physical and mental harm done many women by their abortion.