Humphrey Waldock is a B.C. lawyer who has defended pro-lifers who have disobeyed injunctions and broken trespassing laws out of the belief that justice should be done for the pre-born.

In Toronto for a week in early July, Mr. Waldock dropped into The Interim offices long enough to discuss the gathering secular assault on Christianity.

Everywoman’s Health Centre

“I’ve been dealing with three charges arising out of the Everywoman’s [Health Centre] injunction…In one of the cases I was prepared to present a good argument, but the court held that the matter was already decided.  Then I filed an appeal on behalf of Betty Green [one of the defendants], but the court ruled that it was too late at this stage to appeal to God in a court of law.  Where property and business rights are concerned it is too late to say that human life is more important, that law and order is of greater significance than the rule of law.  All of which are very serious departures from the law of the civilized world.

Cecilia Moore

“In the Cecilia Moore case [Cecilia Moore is a B.C. public health nurse who was fired for refusing to sign an abortion referral], the Crown suggested in cross-examination that a Christian cannot be employed by the government.  Because they oppose abortion, contraception or sterilization which may be government policy, then they are [de facto] prejudiced.

“These court decisions are becoming more and more adverse because no Christians are speaking out…Most Christians in such a situation are afraid to complain…

Taxed out of existence

“The result of all this is that in a very short time there will be no rights left for anyone in particular, the churches, church schools, and church institutions will all be taxed out of existence, taken over corrupted or otherwise overpowered by the state because Christians have not turned out to defend them.

“The situation is getting much worse, much more quickly, largely because of the inactivity, the supine and somnolent behaviour of Christians in the pews.  There are a large number of Christians who don’t even enter the pews and they are even worse, but the ones in the pews are also to blame because they have done nothing and will do nothing.

“They are unwilling to support any of these people who have been wronged, in money or in testimony or in other types of support.  If this goes on in, it will soon result in the loss to all the Christian churches of everything that they possess, all their rights…

“It is assumed that if everyone is quiet enough the problem will go away, of course, it will not.  Christians are in grave danger of being overrun.  If they cannot protect themselves in the courts, if they cannot protect themselves in the media either, we are facing a serious disaster in the not too distant future.”