Pro-life activist Michael O’Malley could be considered living proof of a remark by Erasmus, who once observed:  “Some men delight in litigation.”

The president of Campaign Life Calgary, currently involved in not less than four court cases, characteristically summed up this essential aspect of the pro-life struggle with a few well-chosen words:  “You just have to be patient.”

And with equally characteristic optimism, Mr. O’Malley (which recently changed his name from Malley) predicts that 1990 is going to a “great year.  I can feel it.”

With recent statements by Pope John Paul II encouraging continued pro-life efforts directed at the government and in the courts.  Michael O’Malley’s invaluable experience and legal knowledge will prove a great blessing as the rescue movement comes of age in Canada.

Mr. O’Malley is in the process of appealing the penalty for the six people, himself included, found to be in contempt of court for breaching an injunction at the Peter Lougheed branch of the Calgary General Hospital.  No date has yet been set for this appeal.

He is also in the process of challenging the injunction itself.  The case will be heard January 18, 1990.

The hospital is planning to use the precedent-setting Cambridge Right to Life case to defend its injunction, Mr. O’Malley told The Interim.  In this July 11, 1989 decision, an injunction was granted which prohibited pro-lifers from using the words “baby killer” or “kills babies” on picket signs when picketing abortionists’ homes and offices, on the grounds that such statements are defamatory.

On March 15, Mr. O’Malley will be appealing the 21 convictions of criminal mischief, the result of a rescue operation at the Peter Lougheed last March.

He is also embroiled in two law suits – one against the City of Calgary and the Calgary Birth Control Association (a Planned Parenthood affiliate) for funding treatment oriented counseling at the CBCA, and the other against Southam Inc., the Calgary Herald and J.P. O’Callaghan, publisher of that paper, for labeling him a fanatical pro-lifer.  The paper now claims these comments were written in a spirit of “heat and vulgar abuse” but with no intent to defame, Mr. O’Malley told The Interim.


Meanwhile, in Edmonton, no word has been heard from the Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Tevie Miller on the motion to quash the injunction at the Royal Alexandra Hospital’s Women’s Reproductive Health Care Clinic, heard before him in late August.

“This length of time is not unusual,” says lawyer Roseanna Saccomani, who along with Michael O’Malley of Calgary argued the case on behalf of five people who were found in breach of the injunction August 17, 1989.

After Justice Miller’s decision, the five will have a penalty hearing before Justice D.C. MacDonald.

British Columbia

In Vancouver an appeal of the convictions resulting from the rescues in early July is soon to be launched, according to Rescue Canada spokesman, Don Spratt.

Lawyer Charles Lugosi will bring a motion to quash the injunction now in effect at Every woman’s Health Clinic, the Vancouver abortuary, Mr. Spratt told The Interim.  The case will allege that the judge erred in law when granting the injunction originally.

Meanwhile, rescuing at the Vancouver abortuary has been confined to “it and runs,” according to Mr. Spratt.  A rescuer will be near the abortion mill and when a woman approaches, block the door to prevent her from entering and leave before police arrive.

Coming events

The Alberta Pro-Life Alliance Association is gearing up for its annual conference to be held in Edmonton March 9 and 10:  “We Stand on Guard for Thee.”  Banquet speaker will be Father Ted Colleton, columnist for The Interim and the author of Yes, I’m a Radical, who has been jailed for saving babies.  Topics at the conference will include “Coping with a pro-life spouse,” “New Trends in Euthanasia,” and “Exploring the Canadian Political Situation.”  Conference cost is $45.00 and everyone is welcome to attend.  For those interested in attending the banquet only, cost is $20.00.  Sponsored by Edmonton Pro-Life Society and C.H.I.L.D. (Citizen Helping in Life’s Defense).  For more information call Edmonton Pro-Life at (403) 425-1637.

Also, Carol Everett will be speaking in Edmonton February 24, at the Jubilee Auditorium.  Ms. Everett formerly ran several abortion mills in the United States and is now a tireless right-to-life advocate.  Tickets are $5.00.  For more information contact the Canadian Foundation for the Love of Children or call (403) 425-1637.