In the face of what seems to be a Canada-wide media blackout of abortion news, Alliance for Life (AFL), the Winnipeg-based pro-life educational organization plans to air a series of TV ads with the theme, “Abortion: A lot of love denied.”

“Our goal is to keep the issue in front of the public,” said Anna Desilets, executive director of Alliance for Life. We’ve got to keep the plight of the unborn child visible. The issue has not gone away, even though a vote has taken place in the Commons,” she told The Interim.

B.C. stations will broadcast the 30-second commercials for the first time in October, but Mrs. Desilets hopes to have them seen throughout the rest of Canada. “We want to immerse each province for about six weeks,” she said.

Alliance for Life, national coordinating body for over 250 pro-life groups in Canada, will spend $500,000 to air the ads. AFL kept the cost of producing them reasonable by adapting visuals from ads made by its U.S. counterpart, the National Right to Life Committee.