A glace at McLean’s Magazine (July 25) further exemplifies the extent of the Morgentaler media propaganda war. Morgentaler assumes a heroic and determined posture on the cover. His clinic is described as “surrounded with kindness and warmth” (page 32).

The attempt to label Catholics as the sole activists in the great struggle is reflected by no less than SEVEN reference to the religion of various pro-lifers mentioned in the article on pages 32-35. In another article on pages 36-37 there are two more references to Catholics as abortion opponents. A quote from an NDP former colleague of Joe Borowski states that Borowski has “the power and persuasion of the zealot and the religious fanatic” A following paragraph further describing Borowski’s activities is titled “HYSTERIA”. Such writing is very obviously aimed at portraying PRO-LIFE people as fanatics. Yet it is PRO-LIFE people who use the evidence and logic of scientific facts while pro-abortionists try to suppress the humanity of unborn children.