It appears pro-life activist Gordon Watson has become a thorn in the side of Everywoman’s Health Centre, East Vancouver’s abortion clinic.  At the same time, B.C. Attorney General Colin Gabelmann has sunk so deep in the mud, he seems unable to extricate himself from the sticky situation which has tainted his entire ministry.

In April, Gabelmann had submitted a false affidavit which claimed he had not participated in closed-door meetings with abortion industry operatives.

As the controversy surrounding the attorney general’s department continued to grow, it became imperative to silence Gordon Watson, who is armed with the most lethal of political weapons—information which is not for public consumption and evidence of the dirty deeds going on behind closed doors.

In a move which was obvious to pro-lifers, Watson was targeted in an effort to silence him and destroy the  credibility of pro-lifers in general.  Alleging that Watson had shoved a video camera into the face of a clinic worker who was filming him at a recent protest, clinic staff insisted he be charged with assault.

On August 27, Gordon Watson was charged with assault and contempt of court in connection with the incident outside the Everywoman’s Health Centre.  “I’m glad we’ll get this thing all aired out in a court of law rather than in the media,” Watson told Vancouver Province reporter Robin Ajello.  “I intend to prove that this is a conspiracy.  It’s a continuing campaign to harass law-abiding pro-lifers.”

Watson will appear in Supreme Court in Vancouver on September 1.  Special prosecutor Don Sorochan (appointed by the Attorney-General’s department under pressure from the abortion clinic staff) will prosecute both cases.