As if the March of Dimes’s support for eugenics and abortions in cases of fetal abnormality were not enough, pro-lifers now have an additional reason not to give money to the the charity.

The Eliott Institute has pointed out that the MOD refuses to admit that abortion is a major risk factor in the low birth weight of subsequent babies.

In announcing a major fundraising effort, the MOD claimed that a 27 per cent rise in premature births “is a mystery.”

Yet, as the Eliott Institute’s Dr. David Reardon points out, the organization must know that at least 48 published studies have shown a history of abortion places women at significantly higher risk of premature birth and the low birth weight of their babies.

“March of Dimes is exploiting the “mysterious” rise in dangerous pre-term deliveries to raise hundreds of millions of dollars while concealing one of the primary causes of premature birth – a prior history of abortion,” says Reardon in a press release.