Of all the weak pro-abortion arguments; perhaps the weakest is the inability to admit that life begins at conception, that a human being with full personhood exists at that time. Pro-abortionists prefer to degrade the newly formed human by naming it a ‘blob of tissue’ or ‘just an egg cell’. These phrases are both inaccurate, and scientifically incorrect.

Life, for any organism, begins when two gametes (‘male’ and ‘female’ reproductive cells) fuse to form the zygote. At this point the life cycle of the organism commences. In the physical sense we too are organisms, and biologically, humans have exactly the same life cycle.         ‘

A single egg cell is not a living organism, as is shown below. A blob of tissue is just that, a blob. It has no directed growth pattern, and while individual cells in the blob may be alive, as a whole, there is no organism. A fertilized egg cell, .however, is an entirely different creature, and as will be shown below, it completely fulfills every characteristic associated with a living organism – not just a living cell.