Viral scientists have begun to transplant “functionally complete” organs from aborted babies into mice for the purpose of laboratory experiments states The Christian World Report for July/August 1991.  Dr. David Baltimore, President of the Rockfeller University in New York, is quoted as saying: “The mouse/human hybrids offer the opportunity to look at viruses without having to deal with human beings.”


A federal judge in Chicago has ruled that pro-life demonstrators are not involved in a conspiracy to shut down abortion clinics, and cannot be sued under the Racketeer influenced and Corrupt Organization (RAICO) Act.

The case was filed by the National Organization for Women (NOW) against Joseph Scheidler, Randall Terry and about 200 other pro-life activists.  According to reports, NOW is appealing the decision.

The RICO law was passed to deal with organized crime, and was never intended to be used against pro-life demonstrators engaging in peaceful civil disobedience.