Father Paul Marx, Catholic Priest and founder of Human Life International, reports the following item in a report printed as an advertisement in the American weekly The Wanderer (April 10, 1986):

Early in 1985, in Ottawa, Canada, a radio talk show host, Lowell Green, had me on his popular three-hour program on station CFRA.  I was out to expose the evils of Planned Parenthood and said, “Having seen their operation worldwide, I maintain that PP is the most wicked organization on earth, destroying the youth, the family and society, etc.”  Green. A PP enthusiast, asked whether I really wanted to say that.  “Yes,” I replied, and repeated it, offering to send proof to any doubters.  Two weeks later, in Washington, D.C. a courier handed me two documents from an Ottawa law firm, threatening to sue both HLI and me for libelling poor PP. According to Canadian law, such warnings must be followed by a certain date.  On the last day, PP’s lawyer wrote me that they were withdrawing the suit but that they’d sue in the future if I didn’t stop defaming noble PP.  They don’t seem to realize I don’t scare easily and have only poverty to sue!

I understand PP also sued the radio network for $1 million.  Apparently, they settled out of court, with Planned Barrenhood given “equal time” to tell the world how wonderful they are.  That’s how PP blackmails and neutralizes the media.  I’m still looking for a pro-life Canadian lawyer to contribute his services in suing PP for libel, malicious prosecution, etc.  Know one?