The Royal Commission on Reproductive Technology heard briefs from many individuals during its four days of hearings in Vancouver.

The questions and comments of the commission members sometimes re­vealed their biases, but they acted professionally, said Ted Gerk, member of the Board of Directors of B.C. Pro-Life Society.


The whole proceedings were tainted by the brief sub­mitted by Dr. Steven Genus from California, who advo­cated fetal testing for deter­mination of sex, so that the pregnant woman (and/or her partner) could choose to abort if the growing child within her womb was of the wrong sex.

“Even though he spoke only on the first day, people were struck that comments about him spiced the pro­ceedings during the entire four days,” Mr. Gerk observed.

Public response was furious when it was revealed that Genus had set up his fetal testing office in Blaine, Washington, a small bordertown just south of Vancouver. He had directed several comments toward the Indo-Canadian community because he believed they value boy children over girls.

Women were especially insulted that this discrimination against females in the womb was so blatant.

The doctor said he had already performed 50 such tests.


Dr. Will Johnston, president of the B.C. chapter of Physicians for Life, spoke partially tongue-in-cheek for the benefit of Patricia Baird, who is a pro-abortion member of the commission.

His message – you don’t live in a vacuum. Wendy Harta of Feminists for Life-Canada, gave a strong pres­entation which made it quite clear that “a pro-choice world includes a world with Dr. Steven Genus.”

Every woman’s Abortion ‘Clinic’ in Vancouver also submitted a brief.