Abortion on demand is a fact in Canada. One million deaths prove it so. What are some of the factors that have led to this infant holocaust?

Canadian Criminal Law makes a distinction between “aliveness” and “personhood”. Although a baby in the womb is alive our Criminal Code (Sect. 206) fails to recognize its humanity until “it has breathed” and “it has an independent circulation, or the navel string is severed.”

This concept allows pro-abortionists to argue that a fetus is not a person nor a human being. While doctors take advantage of loopholes in the law (or the law’s intent) by approving abortion because of danger to the mother’s health, the actual truth is that rarely is an abortion completed for anything other than reasons of birth control, economy or convenience. Abortionists are frequently humanists, and like their peers in the media, the legal system, schools, government… they are in establishment positions with a declared mission to improve the lot of mankind. They use the law and the philosophy of humanism to promote their ideals.

The humanists are well meaning but their moral stance is one that is clearly permissive – that is why pornography abounds on store shelves, that is why in our schools the system of “Values Education” (based on “relative” values rather than “absolutes”) is promoted. That is why “therapeutic” abortions are common in our hospitals. Humanism has bastardized the word, “therapeutic” which applies to the art of healing; it is concerned, or should be, with remedies for diseases. Pregnancy is not a disease. Its termination, except in rare circumstances, cannot be truly labeled “therapeutic.”

Another factor supporting the holocaust is the abortionist’s lack of ideals and values that support all life. They are people who basically are materialistic and individualistic. They are an individual and collective sign that part of our society is willing to destroy that which infringes upon their personal liberty or convenience. They have lost the percept (if they ever had it) of “respect for life.”

Moral decisions of the abortionists are random, unpredictable, erratic, and quite anomalous. Further, their moral decisions are often unprincipled, purely ad hoc and casual. They follow no forecastable course from one situation to another. They are basically anarchists – law is often what they decide it should be (to wit, Morgentaler), if in fact they can accept law and/or Government at all. What holds them in check is fear of reprisal. They are “agnostic” moralists who make their own rules. They abuse and manipulate laws to suit their own satisfaction. They do not depend on legislation, but, rather on the “parent” (the Super-ego) to decide what is right or wrong. For them there is no collective morality. Their conscience is always right!

Here is a simple but profound truth:  If there are no absolutes by which to judge society then society is absolute. The point is this – Law and morals have and still are becoming a matter of averages. And on this basis, if the majority vote supported it, it would become “right” to kill the old and infirm (as syndicated columnist Dr. Gifford-Jones promotes in the Sept 2/83 issue of the Ottawa Citizen), the incurably ill, insane …

As society becomes more absolute we will be left with a ruling elite (if no elite then the chaos of hedonism or the absoluteness of the 51 percent vote). The signs are all around us.