reports that C-510, Rod Bruinooge’s anti-coercive abortion bill, will be debated on December 13 and voted on two days later. It was originally scheduled for a vote on December 2 and then it was moved to February and now it will be voted on in mid-December. First reading was November 1 and if it passes second reading next month, it will be sent to committee where witnesses should be called and amendments could be made. If C-510 makes it out of committee, third and final reading would be sometime in the new year.

You can read more about C-510 at Roxanne’s Law. You can read about the controversy within the pro-life movement over C-510 in the November Interim. For more in the debate over whether Catholics can support C-510 read Geoff Cauchi (who says they cannot) and Sean Murphy (who says yes, they can). Garnett Genius, an associate fellow at the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies, says that practical politics is about what is achievable and despite its shortcomings and imperfections, C-510 is worth supporting.