“Campaign Life Coalition has been working since January 1988 to get a full protection law,” said Jim Hughes, president of pro-life political arm. “Pro-lifers on the grassroots level are asked to intensify their efforts to make their MP aware that we will accept nothing less than full protection.”

Hughes was speaking at a Campaign Life Coalition, all-day provincial strategy session at the Cambridge Hotel near the Toronto airport on Saturday, September 9.

The session attracted over 100 CLC leaders from across Ontario. Its purpose was to gather these CLC provincial leaders to assess the results so far and to gear up for the federal legislative session, beginning September 25. It may be the hottest session since the Charter of Rights was approved in 1981.

Hughes suggested that all delegates and their supporters at home adopt a Member of Parliament. This means that they would follow this MP closely and follow-up with encouragement and support on positive actions taken by the member and with gentle criticism or a “kick in the pants” when required.

Delegates heard a historical analysis and comparison of the general moral/political situation in 1969 and 1989; they participated in a review of past tactics and strategies; and were informed about the consciousness-raising effects of Operation Rescue and other direct-action activities.

Kurt Gayle, who participated in a three-week fact on Parliament Hill last summer, outlined the plans for a new one. Helen Walsh, the intrepid Nova Scotia pro-life marcher who had just completed her walk across Canada for the unborn, will start the fast on Friday, September 22. It is hoped that every day some representative pro-life women of both language groups will join in.

Campaign Life Coalition in Ottawa is attempting to arrange a meeting with the Prime Minister for Helen in order to present him with the over 100,000 signatures she has collected from across Canada. The daily task will continue until parliament passes a new protection law.

Representatives from Tories for Life and Liberals for Life encouraged delegates to promote membership among local CLC supporters. One urgent task is participation in the Liberal leadership convention in Ottawa next summer.

Delegates took home some 20,000 copies of a newspaper-format handout on “Christians in jail.” (On September 15, CLC had another 100,000 copies distributed mainly to churches in Southern Ontario, and more orders were coming in).

The pressure will be on MPs to compromise, Jim Hughes told the delegates. We must do everything in our power to enact a truly pro-life law. We can no more compromise the lives of some innocent unborn babies than society could permit the rape of some women in a bargaining to prevent most others, he stated.