The national Anglican newspaper the Canadian Churchman, circulation 272,000, has called for the punishment of Constable David Packer.  Packer, the January 1988 editorial said, faces disciplinary action “for refusing to guard an illegal abortion clinic from pro-life picketers…”

The editorial asserts that Constable Packer must be punished because he has refused “to provide protection to the people of Toronto” from “..threats and acts of physical violence from protestors who have seemingly forgotten what is involved in peaceful protest.”

The editorial also claims that “until police protection was provided, protests outside abortion clinics were well known for such incidents.”  It accused the protestors of following the rule “that might makes right.”

Jim Hughes, President of Campaign Life Coalition, which has organized the picketing for over three years, since December 10, 1984, described the Anglican newspaper’s allegation of violence as “totally absurd.”  “These people.” He said, “Are so far removed from the issue that their comments are based on ignorance.”

In Attorney General Ian Scott’s own words, the police are there to protect the abortion clinic itself.

Three years ago, in December 1984, an editorial in the Canadian Churchman hailed Morgentaler’s acquittal at his October 1984 Toronto Trial, as evidence that abortion on demand must be permitted and that the law, therefore, should be amended accordingly.