The effects on women’s bodies of the powerful anti-life steroid RU-486, Henry Morgentaler’s false claims regarding his solidarity with poor women, abortion clinics that endanger women’s lives – all were topics addressed by speakers at the Action Life hosted “Challenge of the 90s” conference held in early July in Ottawa.

C-43 backfires

Over 600 delegates heard from respected doctors, educators, authors, lawyers and pro-life activists. A new strategy that will address Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) and take advantage of provisions of Bill C-43 was also outlined by front-line lawyers involved in challenging our current system that allows 700 doctors to kill an estimated 80,000 unborn babies in Canada each year.

Drawing from his knowledge and experience as legal counsel for Campaign Life Coalition, Mr. Paul Dodds stated that Bill C-43 may backfire on those cynical federal politicians who hoped it would ensure unofficial abortion on demand.

Unlike the old law that permitted abortions only after approval by a therapeutic abortion committee, C-43 will place a lone doctor in the position of being responsible for determining whether an abortion should have been permitted to preserve the psychological or physical health of the mother. Any women who found herself suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome and who knew she was perfectly healthy at the time of her abortion, could attempt to sue her abortionist for damages. In his speech, Dodds stated that most abortionists in Canada are only supplementing their incomes by killing unborn babies and would think twice if they thought that only a small portion of the money they earned carried the risk of serious legal complications.

In the U.S., Dodds said, doctors are privately insured, so any increase in successful lawsuits regarding abortions results in premiums rising. In Canada, the situation is different. About 80 per cent of doctors are insured by a non-profit, collective fund. Still any increase in successful lawsuits of doctors by women suffering from PAS would inevitably result in non-abortion doctors being required to pay more money into the doctor’s fund. If the increase in payments rose sharply, pressure to stop killing unborn children would increase on abortionists who are already regarded by many physicians as the dregs of the medical profession.

Totally unethical

Mr. Dodds made it clear however, that he believes Bill C-43 should be defeated in the Senate in the fall. Dodds said the law is totally unethical and designed to allow as many killings of pre-born children as is possible in the years to come.

Mrs. Angela Costigan, another well-known lawyer who has acted as legal counsel in many recent critical pro-life cases, also cited the potential for Bill C-43 to become a legal nightmare for abortionists. Considering the fact that the Ontario the government has legislated no-fault auto-insurance, ambitious personal injury lawyers, casting around for an alternate source of income, might be very interested in taking on cases where wealthy abortionists are the defendants, she said.

Mrs. Costigan, like other pro-life speakers at the conference, expressed per profound feelings or disgust at how women are treated by abortionists. For example, Henry Morgentaler was reprimanded twenty years ago by the Quebec College of Physicians and Surgeons for allowing a patient to give consent, receive a check-up and get an abortion all in the same visit. He continues to practice such bad, assembly-line medicine today. Also, unlike regular hospitals which require tissue removed from a woman’s body to be examined by a pathology department, Morgentaler’s “clinics” have no such facilities. Costigan stated that a woman who has been improperly aborted could very well suffer severe complications due to fetal tissue remaining in her womb. As regards parental consent for abortions, tape that one hears when phoning the Morgentaler clinic tells girls under sixteen that they don’t need parental consent to obtain abortions. This is contrary to the law for hospitals in Ontario, which are forbidden to perform surgery on unmarried females under 16 years of age without parental consent.

According to Mrs. Costigan, Morgentaler will continue to interpret the new abortion law according to his taste when it comes into effect. Instead of using his own medical judgment, he has said he will require a women who visits his abortuary to sign a form stating that she is having her abortion for psychological health reasons. This, he apparently believes will save him from any possible future action by a woman who might develop psychological problems due to having had her unborn baby killed.

Propaganda ploy

Cynthia Haughn, a pro-life activist from Halifax, informed conference attendees that Henry Morgentaler’s claim that he’s the friend of poor women is just another propaganda ploy intended for media consumption. She reported that a Halifax undercover policewomen, impersonating a woman on welfare and 12 weeks pregnant recently phoned the Morgentaler “clinics” in Toronto and Montreal and stated that she desperately needed an abortion but had no money. She was refused an abortion at the Montreal “clinic” while the Toronto one offered to reduce the cost of the procedure to $175.

Powerful steroid

Drs. Jack Willke and Larry Reynolds left little doubt about how abortionists and their supporters regard women. Dr. Willke, President of the U.S. National Right to Life (NRLC), stated that the new ‘abortion pill’ RU486 is not a contraceptive, but a powerful steroid “aborts an embryonic baby after his or her heart has begun to beat.” The unborn child must be at least 3 weeks old and is not, as the popular media would have people believe, a newly fertilized egg unable to complete implantation. Ru486 blocks the vital nutrient hormone progesterone so the unborn child literally starves to death in the womb. Sr. Willke also stated that an RU486 abortion is not a simple pill-popping exercise but a complicated procedure that requires at least four visits to a doctor’s office.

Underdeveloped nations

In presenting the facts about RU486, a drug which Dr. Norm Barwin, President of Planned Parenthood of Canada, enthusiastically endorsed at the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) Conference in the spring of this year, Dr. Willke asked his listeners to try to imagine what the widespread use of RU486 would be like in Third World countries. Most poor women living in underdeveloped nations are anemic. They are also not likely to follow strict direction when taking medicine that is dispensed by poorly trained health care workers. Any anemic woman who bled heavily due to having swallowed RU496 would likely die, and any women who took improper or improperly timed doses of RU486 could very give birth to a seriously deformed child. According to Dr. Willke, French abortionists using RU486 demand that women sign releases that state they will undergo surgical abortions if the drug fails.