Halifax. In March, the Status of Women released a report indicating that sex education in Nova Scotia is woefully inadequate. Predictably, the women recommend a great increase in programs of the Planned Parenthood type and in family planning clinics across the province.

Nova Scotia’s pro-life groups had already been busily promoting chastity. In late 1989, they assisted in the establishment of Pro-Life Youth NS, sent delegates to a Chastity Conference in Charlottetown, and helped them to set up NS speaking engagements for chastity promoter Beverly Hadland who was on a PEI tour at the time.

Truro conference

With the help of the adult organizations the youth group is currently organizing their own provincial chastity conference to be held in mid-May at the Agriculture College in Truro, a centrally located NS community. The speaking team will include Maureen Whelan of Teen Aid, Beverly Hadland of Straight Talk for Teens and Alex Schadenberg of Canadian Youth Pro-Life Organization (CYPLO).

Local pro-life education groups are resolved to show the authorities that young people are willing to practice sexual abstinence, and that top notch sex education programs promoting chastity do exist.

They plan to distribute sample of Teen Aid and other quality programs with similar orientation to 100 key decision makers, including each of the province’s MLAs and MPs.

They can be convinced that they can use the information in the Status of Women report and of the Youth Chastity Conference to gain support for more acceptable sex education programs.