A new law submitted to the Chinese parliament aims to eliminate the “genetically impure” from the country’s population. The ominous new law, which will no doubt gain the government’s rubber-stamp approval, seeks to limit, through abortion and sterilization, new births of “inferior quality.” The drafted legislation states that “pregnant women who have been diagnosed as having certain infectious diseases or an abnormal fetus will be advised to halt the pregnancy. Couples in this category should have themselves sterilized.” Furthermore, “those having such ailments as hepatitis, venereal disease or mental illness, which can be passed on through birth, will be banned from marrying while carrying the disease.” China is said to have an overall population of 1.2 billion people. To keep its population down, the government has long enforced a strict one-child-per-family rule which has led to countless forced abortions. Now, with its impending onslaught of abortions to control the “genetically impure” the government will take on stricter measures to enforce even more abortions. It is too early to say how the United Nations will respond to China’s latest atrocity. The UN Population Fund has long been a supporter of the one-child-per-family rule but many are questioning whether they can support the new measures. Rights groups such as Amnesty International have not yet commented on the latest Chinese developments.