Have you ever wondered why the true Christian never seems to achieve any changes within the existing political parties to bring about a return of Biblical morality to the Canadian Government?

Have you ever wondered why we are getting the same kind of government from the Conservatives that we had under the Liberals – and the NDP is saying the same things as the Liberals, except more emphatically?  Have you ever wondered why Christians we have helped get elected are hardly ever heard from again?

How has it come about that Canadians, who once were ruled by biblical principles, now find themselves ruled by atheistic, immoral laws?  The answer: our lawmakers have left behind the absolutes of Judeo-Christian principles.

To change this state of affairs we must start at the grassroots level.  As citizens and voters, we must become (again) uncompromising and firm in our convictions, and let our legislators know that this is what we expect from them.


First, we must realize the nature of the beast.  The major political parties in Canada have the same philosophy: they are only different in the degree in which they implement it.  In essence their fundamental philosophy is Humanistic.

Secondly, the upper levels of the civil servants are also controlled by Humanists.  Politicians as well as civil servants see this philosophy as a means to increase their domination over the people of this great country.  Humanists will do anything to secure the objective.

How can one join these parties, retain fundamental Biblical principles and see one’s aspirations realized?  Just look at Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clark and his wife, Brian Mulroney and John Turner – all supposedly practicing Catholics – and yet they don’t even defend the most fundamental.

Christian principle, the right to life from conception to natural death.

On April 17, 1986 I was privileged to attend the annual prayer breakfast in Ottawa.  The Prime Minister and the leader of the NDP both read a passage from Scripture.  Afterward, those present at the meeting broke up in smaller groups and listened to more speeches.  One speech in particular expressed the mood on Parliament Hill.  I quote the opening lines of the speech by Mr. Jack Murta, Minister of Fitness and Tourism: “People say that what we need is some good upstanding Christians on Parliament Hill.  This is exactly what we don’t need.  This will only create more Christian wars.  What we need more of is Christian tolerance and love.”

Let us ask: how can we work within the existing parties and do God’s work?  Consider the government of today – it has taken upon itself the role of the controller of our life.  Increasingly people are conditioned to say: “The government should do something about it.”  The rulers have become virtually responsible for our very existence.  The feminists’ drive for universal day care centres, advocated as “a right for every Canadian” is another example of giving more power to the state at the expense of the family.

We must do everything in our power to return responsibility to whom it belongs, the parents.  We must analyze the consequences when we compromise on the fundamental Biblical principles.  When we do this, we will conclude that to work within the existing political parties is doomed to failure.

To compromise means the denial of God as Supreme and the Bible as His inspired Word given as the absolute Truth to live by.  When there is a collaboration between two groups who hold fundamentally opposing views, it is those with evil principles win, if allowed to continue unopposed.  Christians have principles which are moral, and therefore rational and consistent with reality.  A Christian has nothing to gain by collaboration with the humanists except a share of their failure, evil and immorality.


Politicians proudly proclaim that the democratic process is best served by compromise.  I say that true Democracy can only flourish if it is founded upon Biblical absolutes.  Without the Biblical absolutes of serving God above all and the neighbour as oneself, we see society in selfish pursuit of its own pleasure, denying God and ignoring the plight of the weak and unprotected in our society.

Thus we are left with no alternative but to form a political party that is uncompromisingly committed to Biblical principles.  We, therefore, on April 17, 1986, filed the required documents in Ottawa, and are waiting for formal confirmation.  The Party is registered as the “Christian Heritage Party of Canada.”  Our first priority is to organize federally, and from there work to form provincial and local organizations.  The Party principles are based on Judeo-Christian ethics, and read as follows:

We believe in God as the Creator and the Bible as the inspired Word of God.

We believe that the major functions of government are to uphold law and order and to maintain justice in the land and to ensure for each individual: the sanctity of life (from conception to natural death) the privilege to own property freedom of religion, speech and assembly freedom to live his/her lives according to biblical principles.

We believe that any plebiscite to be held shall not contravene any Biblical principles

Our immediate objective is to vigorously pursue our initial goals of preparing the party to host its first national convention.  As executive director and interim leader, I will devote myself to this task.

I urge all those who seek a meaningful way to exercise political responsibility, based on Biblical principles, to join us in our quest to provide a true alternative.

We cannot hope to succeed as a one-issue Party.  We must attract the broad spectrum of Canadians who may perhaps not all succumb to public opinion polls, but who will stand up for principles they are committed to uphold.

May God keep our land glorious and free!  May we so stand on guard for thee.

Mr. Van Woudenberg lives in Vancouver, B.C.