The Los Angeles Region of the American Jewish Congress has taken issue with a statement made by Archbishop Robert Mahony that Catholic public officials “have a positive moral obligation” to oppose liberal abortion laws. (our emphasis).

In an eight-page statement issued June 2, the Los Angeles Archbishop said, “All our Catholic people and I expect our Catholic public officials (for whom it is no more possible to divide their consciences on this matter than on any other matter where grave moral issues touch public policy) to back their convictions in the arena of the legislature—both state and national.”

In response, the Los Angeles Region for the American Jewish congress said that “calls for public officials to act as believers are improper” in a pluralistic society.

The Catholic position is that the supernatural reinforces nature, that grace perfects reason and that abortion is an assault upon both reason and faith. As God is the very source of reason and human dignity, any defiance of God must necessarily entail undermining human society.