In our April issue, The Interim published a brief notice headed “Ontario RNs plan abortion support.”  It stated that “The registered nurses of Ontario plan to vote for a resolution at their London, Ontario meeting in support of increased accessibility, full funding and abortion on demand.  This news item was incorrect.

In reality, it was a small Toronto group entitled “Nurses for Social Responsibility,” who in an earlier meeting of their own, had supported the intention of introducing a resolution in favour of government-subsidized abortion on demand at the annual meeting of the Registered Nursing Association of Ontario, in London, Ontario, April 28, 1988.  But no such resolution reached the floor and no discussion or vote, therefore, took place.

The issue was mentioned during the Friday, April 29th afternoon session for non-discussable items open to any nurse in Ontario.  Nurse Pauline Gove spoke briefly to the title “Accessibility to abortion services.”