Anti-abortionists convicted of criminal contempt of court will have to wait three years until they are eligible to apply for a pardon to erase their criminal record, The Vancouver Sun reported.

“National Parole Board spokesman, Evelyn Blair, said on March 7, that the anti-abortionists will have to wait two years after their one-year probation expires before they can apply for pardons.  A full pardon, if granted, means a person is pardoned for past convictions.

“Blair said people usually apply for pardons to qualify for security clearances or to be ‘bonded.’

The Sun further stated, “Paul Holinka of the bonding division of the Canadian Surety Co. said a criminal contempt conviction would not preclude a person from obtaining a bond.”

“Blair said most countries have a provision allowing them to deny entry to people with criminal records.

“But a criminal-contempt conviction will not affect a person’s entry into the U.S., according to Irene Mortensen, a U.S. immigration spokesman in Seattle.

“ ‘It’s not considered a crime of moral turpitude,’ she said.  ‘It’s not even as bad as a traffic ticket.’

“ ‘Crimes of moral turpitude include robbery, theft, fraud or other offences that are considered to adversely reflect a person’s moral character.’”