An animal rights group has come out against abortion – for horses.

The Toronto Star reports that a Sorocoba, Sao Paulo horse owner wants his prize horse Luna to have an abortion because the mare is carrying offspring of a stallion with no pedigree.

Luna, a $20,000 prize mare, became pregnant when Prince broke into her paddock. Her owner, Daniel Mariani does not want the offspring because it would be worthless on the horse market. He is trying to force Prince’s owner to pay for an abortion. “The offspring would haven no lineage, could not be registered with the breeders’ association and would have no value,” said Mariani.

Meanwhile, Prince’s owner Elza Castro is refusing to pay for the abortion because he feels that Prince was simply following his natural instincts.

In an equally ludicrous development, animal rights groups have decided to jump into the fray and side with Prince. They are attempting to block Mariani from procuring the abortion for his horse. A spokesman for the group said that “animals act on instinct, and the stallion didn’t really stop to see if the mare had blue eyes.” The group is threatening to sue Mariani if he goes ahead with the abortion.