What good does Operation Rescue do? Does it really save babies from abortion? Does blocking the entrance to an abortuary or even walking up and down in from of it – but not outside Morgentaler’s in Toronto, now shielded by a court injunction – save babies? Don’t the mothers-to-be just come back some other day?

Ask Adrian, born May 7, 1990. Ask Gabrielle, born May 9, 1990. Ask Andy, born June 3, 1990. Ask the twins Matthew and Spencer, born June 19, 1990. All these babies were born as the direct result of two Toronto rescues mounted in August 1989 – one at the injunction-secured Morgentaler abortuary and the other at the ‘clinic’ operated by Robert Scott.

According to Mrs. Joanne Dieleman, a volunteer at The Way Inn, a Toronto based pregnancy counseling service, the expectant mothers were being “pushed” into having abortions; they all had appointments at either the Morgentaler or Scott ‘clinics.’ But when they saw all those people on TV determinedly sitting on the steps of the abortuaries and blocking the entrances, they thought maybe these people would be willing to help them.

The mothers-to-be were not disappointed. They all received extensive, on-going, direct help from Mrs. Dieleman, veteran Toronto pro-lifer Tom Brown and his family and many others. They received baby clothes, layettes, money from Campaign Life Coalitions “Save a Baby Fund,” support from the Knights of Columbus and much more.