Proceeds from sale of education programs will be donated to Campaign Life Coalition

It has been said that the true mark of an individual is one who is unspoiled by success and who has never forgotten his roots. By all counts Dale Smith, former high school history teacher and now a successful businessman falls into that category. Perhaps it was something in his upbringing as a child that he carried into adulthood that fused past and present. A fusion that has made him want to contribute unconditionally to the future.

Smith runs a company called Ambassador Marketing. Supplied by DELFIN International of California, Ambassador provides courses and seminars to private individuals and businesses, teaching anyone why they can achieve whatever they want. The courses could be used, for example to train pro-lifers as educators.

Smith is convinced the DELFIN Knowledge System is a key tool which can be, among other things, used to educate pro-lifers who want in turn to educate others about the myths and truths about abortion. Through Ambassador Marketing, he is also planning to contribute all earnings from all DELFIN courses purchased by pro-lifers across Canada to assist Campaign Life Coalition.

Smith and his wife Sharon, are no strangers to the pro-life movement. In the l980s, both were involved with Huronia Right to Life near Barrie, Ontario. “Our faith was deepening and growing in the ’80s and our growing awareness of the numbers (of abortions). We took the attitude that this is something we can just not know about, we’ve got to do something about it and we’ve got to step in and do our part whatever little part that is.”

Smith was on the executive that involved a number of activities. Developing a liaison with the local Birthright, setting up pro-life displays, and attending national and regional conferences. At Christmas, he organized the sale of CLC’s fruitcakes. He also made it a point to talk with MPs and MPPs to determine their stand, but also to remind them that when issues came up which affected the family they didn’t have a choice as to how they should vote.

It was through his sister-in-law that he became acquainted with CLC National President, Jim Hughes. “I just have a lot of respect for not only the commitment, but the sacrifice that it takes by (pro-life people),” says Smith.

Referring to the Delfin program which he sells through Ambassador Marketing, Smith says, “What we have in my company is a course and seminar program, targeting the personal development, the personal empowerment, the personal transformation of the human individual from who they are today, to who they want to become.” In short, it’s a personal education program.

Smith recently asked what Campaign Life would do with a million dollars. He had in mind his plan to offer all profits earned by his company from the purchase of courses by any CLC supporter or Interim reader. Hughes replied, “Proper training. We need money to pay for the cost of travelling across the country, several training teams to properly teach our CLC members at the local grass roots level how to improve even more their ability to stand up and speak effectively. Teaching manuals and training materials must be prepared, printed and circulated. We’ve done this before over the years (in the pro-life movement) and it made a significant impact at the provincial and federal levels.”

Smith believes the goal is possible. He says there is a major nationwide support network of people who subscribe to The Interim or contribute to Campaign Life Coalition or other pro-life groups. “Go to those people and say in addition to what you have been doing, here is a campaign that would raise significant extra funds to provide for pro-life training and a personal education campaign coming out of the course. The pro-life training would come from CLC and what they would put together, the personal education would come from the course itself.” Smith believes that one thousand people from the ranks of the tens of thousands of pro-lifers across Canada could make this happen. The 12- and 29-lesson DELFIN courses come with a 100 per cent money back guarantee and have enjoyed a 95 per cent customer satisfaction rate.

While involved with business activities and temporarily living in Toronto, Smith and his wife remain committed to the pro-life cause. In May, they attended the March for Life rally in Ottawa. He was encouraged with the numbers in the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus saying it was “an opportunity to remind Canadians again that we are one of the very few countries in the world who really have no protective legislation whatsoever for (preborn) life at any stage.”

The sale of fetal body parts has left Sharon Smith, a retired registered nurse shaking her head in disbelief. She says that in nurses’ training at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Toronto, abortion was never talked about, even though it was a medical term, “giving birth was such a wondrous thing and then (abortion) just turned it around to making graveyards out of a woman’s womb.”

Husband Dale, the former history teacher, looks at the cycles of cruelty down through the ages, citing the Spartans as an example. Infants would be killed at birth if they looked weak or were female. “By today’s standards, people may say “what a barbaric society.” He continues, “well, guess what’s returned, all dressed up a little differently. Abortion makes world society no better, no worse than the Spartans thousands of years ago.”

While aware of the dark periods of world history, Smith draws on the strength of his Catholic upbringing and looks to the future, a future his two grandchildren will face, “I am a very big believer that we must never let the issue die.”