Fathers are often shuffled into the background of the abortion debate. In Canada today, if a mother decides to abort, the father has no legal right to attempt to save the life of his unborn child; if the mother decides to have their child, she can successfully claim child support. Dad, it seems has responsibilities but few of the rights that go with them.

How often do we stop to consider that men suffer post-abortion trauma as well as women do, and many to the same degree?

How often do we ponder the irony that men, especially fathers are widely thought suspect if they champion the pro-life cause?

In particular, feminist argue that abortion is a women’s issue and that men should not be heard or listened to in the debate. Ironically, the same objections are not raised when men speak up on the pro-abortion side. Yet men made abortion legal and they are still the abortionists with the highest profiles.

Tomorrow’s, and many of today’s, unborn owe their lives to men who have spoken up for their rights. Men such as Joe Borowski, who continue to argue in court for legal protection for the unborn. MPs such as Gus Mitges who present private members’ bills and motions and make pro-life statements constantly in the House of Commons. The clergymen who speak up and those who are arrested and spend time in jail. Men such as Constable David Packer, who risk their careers. The doctors who refuse to perform abortions and those who quietly help women to carry their babies. The pro-life men who organize, picket or lobby. The husbands and fathers who keep the home under control while their wives take active part in pro life work.

Father’s Day has never received the sentimental attention given to Mother’s Day. It would be easy: a father sets an important example for his children, as a loving, caring person dedicated to his family… Whether yours is the strong, silent type (or eve the short, noisy type), no matter: fathers don’t often get the thanks they deserve. So, for doing what’s expected of you, plus a heck of a lot more…

Thanks, Dad