“Modern pre-natal diagnosis has opened up a whole new range of treatment for the unborn, but it is also being used to give new impetus to the realization of the long-standing objectives of the eugenics’ movement.  It is a very troubling time for the pro-life physician, Dr. Malcolm Beck told members of the association, Canadian Physicians for Life.

As they do each year, they were holding a day of meetings and workshops in conjunction with the weeklong convention of the Canadian Medical Association, this year held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

A past president of the Canadian Association of Psychiatrists and incoming president of the PEI Medical Association, Dr Beck gave the day’s major address, entitled “Selective Abortion.”

“Fetal testing is fast becoming the prelude to eugenic feticide.  It is becoming almost commonplace to do prenatal testing for the sole purpose of destroying the unfit and the unacceptable.  To use the world’s most advanced technology for such purposes is a practice both oppressive and depressing,” he said.

Contrary to the public impression though, only a very few of Canada’s more than 35,000 doctors are actively involved in the practice or support of abortion, pointed out Dr. Colin Merry, president of Physicians for Life, and a department head in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba.

Several family physicians formed a panel to discuss the situation of pro-life doctors, approached by patients wanting an abortion.  Their dilemma was expressed by one doctor who said, “In everything else we are legally obliged to give our patients full information about the proposed procedures.  Only in the matter of abortion is giving such information regarded as imposing our values on our patients.

“There is one major message that we would like to give the Canadian public,” said Dr. Merry.  “IT is how very much we pro-life doctors need to know we have public support when we speak out on behalf of life.”

Representatives of PEI Right to Life attended some of the sessions.  They included President Freda Muttart; Vice-president Mona Doiron, who is also second vice-president of the national group Alliance for Life; and Spiritual Director, Pastor David Peppin, a past president of Alliance for Life.

Canadian Physicians for Life was formed in 1975 as a coalition of several provincial groups, and now has some 4,000 members, as does a parallel French-language organization.  Further information can be obtained by contacting Box 346, Station Z, Toronto, Ontario, M5N 2Z5.