The pro-life community is gratified with the success of a newspaper supplement which is being used to educate Canadians of the dangers of euthanasia.

The 12-page publication offers a series of articles on the euthanasia and assisted suicide and relates the Canadian experience to that in other countries. It also provides a list of agencies of “She’s a Child, Not a Choice”, a 1994 educational supplement dealing with abortion.  It was distributed to 2.4 million Canadians through 150 pro-life organizations and resulted in a new level of understanding for many.  In some cases, women considering an abortion changed their minds after reading She’s a Child.

Jack Baribeau, president of Campaign Life Coalition of London, Ontario, together with his wife Giselle, spear headed production of the two publications.  They were assisted by a committee of like-minded Canadians who wanted to bring the abortion and euthanasia message before a wide readership.

Baribeau said the move to distribute She’s a Child paper coincided with the 25th anniversary of Canada’s first abortion law in 1969.  The current push for assisted suicide in some quarters made the euthanasia paper ever more timely, he said.

Mass circulation

To date, the euthanasia paper has been distributed to 500,000 people in London and southwestern Ontario.  Another 250, copies have been circulated in British Columbia

and other pro-life groups in other provinces have also moved to distribute the paper.  The paper is made available through pro-office offices, through mass mailings, or through voluntary distribution efforts.  In some cases, the paper has been includes as an insert to daily newspapers.

“The experience we gained from producing She’s a Child made production of the euthanasia paper much easier.”  Baribeau told The Interim. “We also made use of a Campaign Life Coalition briefing book on euthanasia for a large part of the newspaper’s content.”

Baribeau said a number of pro-life organizations across the country have expressed support for the euthanasia paper.  John Hof of Campaign Life Coalition B.C. said the information provided will help people better understand the issue and take a stand against it.

Meanwhile, Hilda Knapp of the St. Thomas [Ontario] Right to Life office said the euthanasia paper become a valuable addition to student information packages.

A number of U.S. pro-life groups have expressed interest in customizing the paper for American readers.

Alex Schadenberg, director of the pro-life office for the Catholic diocese of London, said another positive feature of the euthanasia paper is its adaptability.  Pro-life groups in different provinces have changed specific sections of the newspaper to highlight local needs and services.

“We can’t sit back and wait for Parliament to introduce assisted suicide legislation.  We have to act now before it is decriminalized.”