The Ontario Government is spearheading its own “expert panel” on euthanasia and assisted suicide in conjunction with many provinces and territories.

The panel has set-up an online survey with skewed questions, nonetheless EPC is urging people to complete the survey.

The Provincial-Territorial Expert Advisory Group features a stacked deck with: co-chair, Maureen Taylor, (the widow of Dr Donald Low who demanded the legalization of assisted dying in a video that was released after his death) who describes herself, on Twitter, as an advocate of assisted death; Jocelyn Downie is Canada’s leading promoter of euthanasia and assisted suicide; and Arthur Schaefer is another long-time advocate of euthanasia and assisted suicide.

EPC legal counsel Hugh Scher commented: “The provincial and territorial inquiry into assisted suicide is premature in light of the present study under way by the Federal government.” Scher added, “in particular, there is a serious question as to the constitutionality of provincial regimes regulating assisted death as health care, when such conduct and its regulation have historically fallen under the federal government’s criminal law powers under the Constitution.

Dying With Dignity Canada CEO Wanda Morris, supported the panel, stating in their Media Release that, “we are excited to learn more about the provincial panelists and the contributions each of them will bring to the table.” Morris said, “we are especially pleased that Maureen Taylor will serve as co-chair. As the widow of Dr. Donald Low, she has first-hand experience of the brutal, unnecessary suffering that can occur when physician assisted dying is not accessible.”

The euthanasia lobby appears to have influenced the Ontario Government to establish a biased panel, similar to the Royal Society of Canada report, to counter the Consultation on Legislative Options for Assisted Dying launched by the Federal government in July.

 Alex Schadenberg is executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. A version of this commentary originally appeared on his blog on August 14 and is used with permission.