“There is no greater contribution to be made for world peace than to seek a Canada which is an abortion-free zone,” cried Rev. Ken Campbell, President of Choose Life Canada, before a crowd of close to 1,000 people gathered for the Rally for Life at Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square on Thursday evening, September 8.

Lifeline relay

Campbell welcomed some 30 relay walkers, ranging from children to gray-haired adults, carrying the now famous Lifeline life preserver that had been physically carried all the way from British Columbia!  The final destination for the walkers was Ottawa and the giant “Fill the Hill’ rally which took place on September 17, the following weekend.  Receiving a tumultuous welcome from the enthusiastic crowd, some of the rally walkers had walked 20 miles that day from the town of Oakville.

“Woe to those seeking to destroy the foundations of faith, family and freedom by imposing their Godless, lawless religion in Canada!”  Campbell warned.  “God forbid that the gentle, earnest, humanizing compassion of Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Mother Teresa, representing as she does the value on which this nation was founded and has flourished in God’s blessing, be replaced by a murdering, dehumanizing, godless, lawless tyranny of secular fundamentalism!

“God forbid that this nation be destroyed by the apathy of the majority.  Thank God that in this hour of Canada’s crisis, with ‘the enemy coming in like a flood’ the Spirit of the Lord is raising in the name of Christ, a minority whose militancy for God surpasses the fanatical zeal of His opponents,” he said.

Ian Scott

Rev. Campbell ‘indicted’ the Honourable Ian Scott, Attorney General of Ontario, charging him with violating his oath of office.  This oath requires him to uphold and enforce the Criminal Code of Canada, particularly in its provision for the protection of the human rights of both mothers with crisis pregnancies and their unborn babies.

Campbell accused him of implementing the dehumanizing and destructive policies of Ontario Premier David Peterson.  Peterson broke his election promise that he would shut down the illegal Morgentaler abortuary.

Rev. Campbell charged the Ontario government with being in collusion with “the Morgentaler Crime Syndicate” by providing police protection for their lucrative, illegal exploitation of the vulnerable and panic-stricken.  Meanwhile, it adopts a public-relations posture which characterizes “Morgentaler’s crooks” as heroes, while denigrating Mother Teresa’s friends as crooks.

In his influential position in the nation as Ontario’s Attorney General, Ian Scott has contributed more than any other public official to the present flood-tide of lawlessness in the land, Campbell charged.

Rev. Campbell also accused Scott of championing the passage of legislation which imposed homosexual activity on Ontarians as “a normal alternative lifestyle,” without a mandate from the majority on Ontarians.

The inconsistent

Woe on those also, he said, who unblushingly refuse to protect the most helpless and innocent Canadians – the unborn – while boasting of their great humanitarian spirit which coddles cold-blooded murders.  They ban the killing of baby seals, but declare open season on baby people.

Woe to those in positions of leadership in the Christian churches who profess faith in Christ and loyalty to His teachings, he continued, but who, by their careful non-involvement and comprising politicking in response to today’s baby holocaust are as guilty as those how by their safe non-involvement contributed to the horror of slavery.


Woe to those in the educational field who have conditioned a generation for self-destruction by exploiting the immaturity of their captive audiences in schools.  They have introduced their doctrines of despair that says there is no Creator and no moral absolutes in God’s universe, thus robbing a generation of their enthusiasm for life.

Woe to those in the media who virtually ignore the worst human rights violations by left-wing regimes, but never show the awful daily horror of the baby holocaust.  Woe to those who scream “censorship” at those offended by a blasphemous movie about a mythological “Christ,” but who refuse to allow the Silent Scream to be shown on their networks.

Woe to those who savage Premier Vander Zalm because of his noble commitment to the human rights of mothers and their unborn babies, while applauding the anti-life policies of Ontario’s cowardly leadership.

Rev. Ken Campbell finished his speech by saying: “God give us the grace to take our stand in the name of Christ, for the helpless and defenseless, knowing that world peace begins in the womb.”