Linda Gibbons Acquitted!

Linda Gibbons was released from jail on July 20 seven months after her latest arrest when Justice William R. Wolski of the Ontario Court of Justice found her not guilty of disobeying a court order and creating a nuisance. Gibbons was arrested Dec. 16 outside the Morgentaler abortuary and has been in jail since then.


Wolski excoriated Crown attorney Andrew Cappel saying he had not provided abortion mill staff to testify about how the pro-life activist’s actions affected their business and that the sheriff’s testimony was inadequate to prove the case against Gibbons.

In earlier hearings, Wolski rejected a pair of defence arguments that the injunction surrounding the Morgentaler site did not apply to Gibbons and that conduct did not violate the terms of the injunction.

After her acquittal, Gibbons told that the judge’s comments vindicated the pro-life movement’s position that their work does not constitute harassment of women.

Gibbons plans to return to British Columbia to visit her mother.