In August of this year, Vancouver was the site of the international “Gay Games”, entitled Celebration ’90.  As Ted Byfield, editor of the weekly Western Report has pointed out, the title Celebration” was well chosen: the event marks another mile-stone in the victory of secularism over Christianity in this country.

The games were preceded by such fundraising events as the Mr. Jock (strap) pageant and an S/M (sado-masochistic) erotica show, featuring “song, dance, slave boys, hot wax, chains and leather studs, “all fully illustrated in living vulgarity in Vancouver’s “gay” magazine, Angles (June 1990).

Another fundraiser was addressed by out-of-the-closet homosexual and Burnaby North federal MP Svend Robinson (NDP), who noted the presence of MLA Grace McCarthy, Mrs. McCarthy has been a rival to Premier Bill Vander Zalm for the leadership of the B.C. Social Credit Party in the past and is being media-promoted for the same task in the future.  “I’m delighted to be here,” McCarthy told Angles.

Among other supporters of the “Gay Games,” Robinson mentioned Liberal leader John Turner and ex-Cabinet Minister, Pat Carney (PC).