On September 26, Mrs. Lucie Pepin (Outremont, Lib.), complained about the fact that government funds to challenge the charter were to be channeled through the Canadian Council of Social Development.

“If the Government had given the Legal Education and Action Fund the money to defend women, it would have permitted them to set their own priorities.  Now with the Canadian Council on Social Development, the money will be given on a case by case basis.  The same work will be done twice and we will lose time and money.”

The Legal Education and Action Fund is a feminist organization.

Planned Parenthood

On September 30 Mr. Neil Young (Beaches, NDP.) complained that “The Conservative Government has followed the pattern established by its Liberal predecessor in cutting funding to Planned Parenthood.  This year funding from Health and Welfare was cut by 12.5 per cent.  I call on the Government to face up to its responsibilities and restore funding to Planned Parenthood to a more realistic level.”

On October 4 Mrs. Margaret Mitchell (Vancouver East, NDP) also complained about the cuts and once again pleaded for abortion on demand.

“The Government must reinstate full funding to recognize family planning agencies which provide complete information on all methods of birth control.  These agencies are doing research on fertility problems and more reliable birth control methods.  Reproductive freedom for women is an integral part of equality.  We ask the Government to repeal Section 251 and reinstate adequate funding to family planning organizations.”