This is not a commercial!  Two friends of mine, Helen Slattery and Lorraine Williams have brought out a second edition of their pamphlet, Help, I Need Hope.

It would be difficult to find two women more qualified to write such a booklet than Helen and Lorraine.  Lorraine and I have met a few times at meetings.  Helen, her husband Charlie and their family are among my close friends.  Helen has many admirable qualities, one of which is an infectious sense of humour.  She actually laughs at my jokes – sometimes before I have got to the punch-line.

Sympathy and Love

Help, I Need Hope is only 20 pages, plus 2 appendices.  These are 20 pages charged with sympathy, understanding, love and concern.

It is mainly, though not entirely, written for younger women who find themselves pregnant outside marriage and “Don’t know where to turn”.  From the very first sentence, “You’re feeling frightened,” to the last, “Life is not over for you – or for your child.  It has just begun,” the reader cannot but sense an attitude of kindness, care and encouragement.

Although both writers are professionally qualified social workers, with very wide experience in dealing with distressed people, somehow they have succeeded in excluding any air of cold professionalism from their approach.

Totally Pro-Life

Both writers are totally pro-life, but there is nothing harsh or condemnatory in the manner in which they exclude abortion as a solution.

They speak so positively and beautifully about the child in the womb, that the younger woman is able to make her own decision that she can not only allow her baby to live, but she will welcome him or her with love and affection.

The Solutions

The only sign of ‘professionalism’ in the pamphlet is the brevity and competency with which the authors explain the different alternatives.

Everything is dealt with: “How do I tell my parents?”  “Where should I stay during my pregnancy?”  “Should I raise my own baby?”  “What about continuing school?”  and “Is it wise to marry the baby’s father?”

These vital questions are answered in a practical way, but with so much love and concern that the girl who “doesn’t know where to turn” will realize that she is not alone in a cruel world.  She will realize that she has many friends waiting with outstretched arms to embrace both her and her baby.


The two appendices give valuable information, particularly regarding the agencies which can be contacted all over North America where the pregnant young women can find guidance and assistance.

I believe that this pamphlet has immense potential for good and should be in the hands of everybody who is in social work.  It should also be available in church book-racks and in the offices of high school counselors.

To order the pamphlet, or to get more information, contact: Life Cycle Books, 2205 Danforth Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M4C1K4, telephone (416) 690-5860.

The pro-life movement is deeply indebted to Helen Slattery and Lorraine Williams.