The march 1983 issue of Homemaker’s  Magazine, included a hard-line pro-abortion article. Right on the heels of this, the April 1983 issue contained another pro-abortion article.

The column in the April issue under the heading “Healthwise” was written by Naomi Mallovy, who tried to substantiate her pro-abortion position with wildly inaccurate and totally-false statements, such as “…an early abortion by a qualified practitioner is at least eight times safer than childbirth…” The article also supports illegal abortionist Henry Morgentaler and also states that abortion is a solution to child abuse, juvenile delinquency and inherited disease, etc. The writer of this column obviously has chosen not to take the time to do any proper research on the abortion issue. If she had, she could not, in conscience, have written such highly inaccurate statements.

We have asked pro-life supporters in Canada to write to selected manufacturers in who advertise in the magazine and thereby completely subsidize it. Homemaker’s is delivered free of charge to over one million households in Canada. Many of you have been, or are, doing this and your actions have put both the manufacturers of the products advertised in the magazine, as well as the publisher and editor on the spot.

The editor claims that she is not pro-abortion but merely pro-choice. What a surprise! ANYONE WHO BELIEVES IN THE LEGAL AND SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE OF ABORTION IS PRO-ABORTION.

The editor also claims that since 1976 she has run only two columns on abortion. However, she fails to acknowledge the many pro-abortion columns and articles she published immediately prior to 1976, eg. Homemaker’s September 1974 issue; February 1975 issue; May 1975 issue; etc. etc. In fact, it was strong pro-life reaction in its letters to the manufacturers in 1974 and 1975 objecting to the magazine’s pro-abortion policy that forced the editor to stop for several years her pro-abortion articles. However, in 1983, she obviously felt that she could risk starting up her pro-abortion propaganda again.

Further, the editor has carefully failed to admit that she has NEVER, to our knowledge, published a pro-life article during the period of time that she has been editor of Homemaker’s.

The manufacturers are attempting to escape embarrassment by stating that they are not responsible for the policy of the magazine for which they advertise. However, the manufacturers must take responsibility since the magazine is entirely supported by them. Obviously, the advertisers are supporting the views and opinions expressed in the magazine simply because without their financial support, these views and opinions would not be so expressed.

We must not allow either the editor, publisher or advertisers to escape from the corner into which they have painted themselves. We must demand that Homemaker’s magazine attain professional standards by presenting, at the very least, a balanced expression of differing views on the abortion issue, which is the major social issue of our century.

We must begin doing something right as the pro-abortion organization, the Canadian Abortion Rights League (CARAL) has written to all its memberships in Canada trying to counteract Campaign Life’s effects with regards to Homemaker’s pro-abortion bias. Let us take up their challenge! If you have not already done so, please write to the following advertisers that appear in the April 1983 issue of Homemaker’s. If you have already written, write again.

Singer Sewing Machines

The Singer Co.

200 St. Louis St.

St. Jeans, Quebec

President: Mr. George Mercier

Carnation Canned Milk

Carnation Inc.

4174 Dundas Street West

Toronto, Ontario

M8X 1X4

Telephone: (416) 236-2501

President: Mr. Ted Lang

Aunt Jemima Syrup

Quaker Oats Co. of Canada Ltd.

Quaker Park

Peterborough, Ontario

K9J 7B2

President: Mr. J. K. Grant

Colgate Toothpaste

Colgate-Palmolive Canada

64 Colgate Avenue

Toronto, Ontario

M4M 1N7

Telephone: (416) 461-8234

President: Mr. Mendes de Franca

Fisher Price

Fisher Price Canada

5300 Tomken Road

Mississauga, Ontario

L4W 1P2

Telephone: (416) 624-6600

President: Mr. Murray Wilkinson

Paragon China

Doulton Canada Inc.

850 Progress Avenue

Scarborough, Ontario

M1H 3C4

Telephone: (416) 431-4202

President: Mr. G. W. Churton

Scholl Foot Care Products

Scholl (Canada) Inc.

147 Bartley Drive

Toronto, Ontario

M4A 1E3

Telephone: (416) 755-4141

President: Mr. D. C. Witherspoon

Covergirl Make-up

Noxema Inc.

77 Parklawn road

Toronto, Ontario

M8Y 3H7

Telephone: (416) 255-0103

Catelli Plus Spaghetti

Catelli (Special Products Division)

115 Rivalda Road

Weston, Ontario

M9M 2M6

Telephone: (416) 793-2720

Product Manager: Miss Anne Searles

Country Kitchen Whipped Butter

Canada Packers Inc.

95 St. Clair Avenue West

Toronto, Ontario

M4V 1P2

Telephone: (416) 766-4311

President: Mr. V. N. Stock