U.S. Southern Baptists are expressing concern over Wal-Mart’s dabbling in support of the homosexual agenda. They point out that typing the word “gay” into the company’s online bookstore search engine brings up more than 1,000 titles, including The Gay Disciple: Jesus’s Friend Tells It His Own Way. The Baptists are calling Wal-Mart on the family-friendly description it gives itself.

This past spring, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America reported Wal-Mart would mandate its pharmacists to dispense the early abortifacient drug “Plan B” “without delay,” “without judgement” and “without discrimination.” It had previously allowed pharmacists to exercise their right to conscientious objection.

The U.S. Ford Motor Companycontinues to stumble financially as it holds fast to its pro-homosexual position. The automaker lost an astounding $12.7 billion in 2006 after making a profit of $1.44 billion in 2005. The trend is continuing in 2007. The American Family Association is blasting the company for sponsoring a “sickening” homosexual scene in a television program, increasing its support for homosexual publications, sponsoring pro-homosexual TV programs, supporting “pride” events and requiring its employees to attend “diversity” training programs on homosexuality.

The Utah-based Bluehost webpage hosting company (www.bluehost.com) is drawing attention for being one of the few such services that refuses to cater to the pornography market. “Bluehost does, and will not, tolerate adult material of any kind on our servers,” says its president, Matt Heaton. “Sometimes, profit comes second and personal responsibility and ethics come first.” Large Canadian websites such as FreeDominion.ca make use of Bluehost’s services.

A number of corporate media big wheels are reported to be supporting Viacom’s LOGO homosexual television network in the U.S. They include HBO, Showtime,Sony Pictures Entertainment,Warner Brothers Pictures, Paramount,20th Century Fox,Universal, Fox and Disney/Buena Vista. CBSprovides news resources to LOGO, while NBC Universal’s Bravo TV network runs “gay inclusive” programming. Subaruis a charter sponsor of LOGO and Pernod Ricardproduced the documentary Be Real – Stories From Queer America.

Disneyhas announced it will allow homosexual “commitment ceremonies” at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Disney Cruise Line ships and other Disney facilities. About 140,000 visitors attended Disney’s “Gay Days” event this past spring. Disney has a solid reputation for supporting homosexual rights for both employees and visitors.

Dr. Judith Reisman accuses Disney of being pedophile-friendly at its highest echelons. She cites a “laundry list” of pedophiles associated with the company, including: Victor Salva, who served 15 months in jail for sodomizing a 12-year-old boy; Patrick Naughton, executive vice-president of Disney’s Go Network, who was convicted of possessing child pornography and of planning to have sex with a 13-year-old girl; three employees who planned to have sex with boys and girls 13 and 14 years old; and Matthew Wendland, who was charged with 51 counts of possessing child pornography.

An Ohio woman was left steaming after reading an anti-God message on the side of a Starbuckscoffee cup. “Why in moments of crisis do we ask God for strength and help,” read the message. “As cognitive beings, why would we ask something that may well be a figment of our imaginations for guidance? Why not search inside ourselves for the power to overcome? After all, we are strong enough to cause most of the catastrophes we need to endure.” In 2005, a Starbucks store in Waco, Tx. distributed a cup with a pro-homosexual message on it and another carried the message: “Heaven is totally overrated. It’s boring.”

Montreal-based Couche-Tard Inc. is being targeted by the Florida Family Association for being “the largest convenience store chain in America that sells pornography.” Couche-Tard’s corporate secretary, however, is unrepentant. “Let them have fun if they want to,” said Sylvain Aubry. “Of course, if they want to trash our name, we’ll take legal procedures.”

Couche-Tard’s Mac’s Convenience Storesearlier this year ran an ad campaign for one of its drinks that featured a nun kneeling with her arms raised at her sides. Above the nun was a drink with the initials WTF – an acronym for an obscenity.

The founder, editor and CEO of WorldNetDaily, Joseph Farah, is bemoaning how corporations in the U.S., especially big, multi-national ones, are increasingly without scruples, morality or any sense of right and wrong. “Sadly, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of … moral reprobates in corporate America operating without the least concern for the effects of their evil decisions on the heart of American popular culture. It’s time they are called out by name for who they are and what they are.”

Farah has cited internet search engine Google for acting as “Big Brother.” He says the company is immersed in “corporate immorality” and an “avarice” for personal, private information. Google currently keeps records on individuals’ internet searches for two years and has hooked up with a firm that places cookies on computers to track users’ movements.

Corporate boardrooms in the U.S. are reported to be becoming “somewhat friendlier” for homosexual executives. One scholar says there at least five closeted CEOs in the Fortune 500, but non-discrimination policies, same-sex healthcare benefits and proposed federal legislation to make it illegal to fire someone over their sexual practices are changing the environment.

In the same vein, professional services firm Ernst & Young LLPhas produced a report designed to help companies implement corporate policies impacting the work experience of “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender” employees. Ernst & Young was the first big professional services firm to receive a 100 per cent rating from the homosexual group Human Rights Campaign. To see which companies have joined a registry of corporations supporting “LGBT workplace equality,” see the website: http://americansfortruth.com/issues/corporate-promotion/corporations/business-legal-services/ernst-young/.

In Canada, an official with the TD Bank Financial Groupcharacterized as a “moral good” the reaching out to homosexual staff. Two years ago, TD initiated sensitivity training, focus groups, a Pride network and a communications strategy all based on homosexuality. TD Canada Trustnow sponsors Pride Toronto and the LGBT youth awards.