One morning, I was picketing with four ladies outside the Buriana abortuary in Toronto. At about 10:30, a large truck pulled up outside and the driver, a pleasant looking young man, alighted. He nodded to us, smiled and went inside.

As it is a very busy street, I hadn’t taken much notice of the truck until one of the ladies said to me, “That truck is taking the babies’ bodies to the garbage.”

A few minutes later, the driver came out with two very large cardboard boxes, which he pushed into the back of the truck and left. Before the vehicle left, I read these words on its side: “Medical Services. Regulated Medical Waste.”

By this time, my stomach was literally sick. The bodies of at least 20 little babies, murdered yesterday, were being taken off to be discarded as garbage. I wondered what the effect would be on the drivers of the hundreds of cars that were passing if one of the boxes opened and the babies’ bodies fell out. I imagine there would be horror and shock on the part of many, for “seeing is believing.” But, the fact that the babies’ bodies can’t be seen does not detract from the horrendous reality!

A very well-dressed and attractive young woman came walking toward us. She glanced with disdain at one of our placards that said, “Let your baby live. Abortion kills babies.” As she passed, she turned her head and said, “Get real, guys.” If she could only see what those boxes contained, I wonder what her reaction would have been. But, these days, who knows!

First published in The Interim July 1994.