Volume 1                                                                                                        Supplement to

Number 1                                                                                                        THE INTERIM

1990                                                                                                                February 1990

Something new

This month The Interim introduces our new supplement – Insight.  To appear quarterly, each issue will deal extensively with a single theme or topic.

Our premier issue features three reviews of a single book:  Michael Cuneo’s Catholics against the Church:  anti-abortion protest in Toronto, 1969-1985.  University of Toronto Press, 1989.  288 pp. $16.95.  Cuneo conducted interviews and did other research chiefly in the Toronto area, but what he says has relevance for other parts of the Canadian pro-life movement as well.  This book, which appeared late last year, is bound to stir up a great deal of controversy.

We invite your response to this our first issue of Insight and to others as they appear.