Individuals who consult the TV Times supplement in our local newspapers are evidently good targets for pro-life advertising.  At least that’s what Action Life Ottawa’s experience has shown over recent months.  The impact created by running the “shark ad” in late October prompted us to give it another run during the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

One highly incensed caller was disgusted with out portrayal of a shark.  As one who supported “choice,” he was very concerned about the effects of our message on young children, who would possibly identify those who value “choice” with a predator (the shark).  That was an interesting twist!  Did you ever think of an abortionist as a predator?  Considering that the dictionary definition of a predator is “one that preys, destroys, or devours,” perhaps it is an appropriate label.

Another caller was a woman commending us for publishing the ad.  She is 54 years of age and had two abortions in her late teens.  Not a day has passed that she has not regretted her abortions.  She recognizes that she has been left psychologically scarred and urges us to continue with our pro-life education.

A young couple, who chose life over death and welcomed their “inconveniently timed” baby, thanked us for speaking out through this advertisement.

Unfortunately, the pro-abortion lies are believed by many like the young woman who resented our message, because “the fetus is no different than a bunch of cancer cells.”

“We are “such a misguided lot,” remarked on well-spoken gentleman.  In his opinion, the prisons and mental institutions are full of people who should have been aborted.  Never mind expecting him to recognize and respect the humanity of the unborn child.  According to him, these prisoners and mental patients do not classify as human beings, because they are, in his opinion, the results of improper nurturing.  Proper nurturing is what makes one a human being!

Then, there was the scuba diving instructor, who has spent much of his time and effort attempting to allay the fears many of his students harbour toward particular forms of marine life – like sharks.  Our advertisement, as he indignantly put it, now reinforces such fears.  I suggested that he hadn’t read our ad carefully enough, because it says that the most dangerous place to be is “not swimming in shark infested waters,” but rather “in your own mother’s womb.”  “Never mind,” he said, “the inference is there.”

One of our critics tried ever so hard to appear reasonable, logical and controlled.  However, he really blew it when he concluded his letter with the expressed wish that we would “all take a hike!”

Yes, there were nasty, frustrating reactions, but there were just as many encouraging and grateful responses.  The most important fact is that the “shark ad” startled the public into thinking.  That form of advertising is worth every cent.