Dear Parents:

Chubby arms will span a threshold from a place that knows no pain,

Here I’ll claim you and I’ll keep you, I’m your child who had no name.

I got here prematurely, t’was a very harried flight,

For I’d have chose to love you through your common human plight.

But they’ve called me Jamie Jordan, and I’m happy Mamma Dear,

Though I know that my conception brought you life so fraught with fear;

As the autumn leaves got scattered in the orchard’neath the trees,

Mother, I could hear your weeping, and the buzzing of the bees.

Then I heard the weird suggestion… of abortion… and my doom,

How I huddled where I nestled in my Darling Mother’s womb!

You couldn’t hear my pleading or feel the terror in my heart,

There was no trial or justice, would I be dealt the fatal dart?

Then I fretted as I waited and I tried to send my love,

From my capsule not much bigger than one finger in your glove.

My threads of life were woven on a very fragile loom,

Yet a fetid grave was waiting in the city’s sewer tomb.

Mom, I’ve joined the cherub’s choir, there are legions here to greet,

I know you’d want to know, Dear Mom that I’ve landed on my feet.

Will my Daddy think me missing, singing half the time off-key,

Mamma Darling, will he find me listed in his family tree?

And we’re singing ‘Alleluia’, yes, there’s peace on every face,

Guided by a golden wand, and an angel’s gentle grace.

Our home a stately mansion in a garden fertile green,

Our clothing bright as sunshine, rare jewels you’ve never seen.

The climate always clement, each soul a constant friend,

Come help us paint the rainbow when you’re at your journey’s end.

Mamma Darling, yes, I’m happy, yet my joy is not complete

Till the waters of Baptism bathe my sinless soul replete.

Till I know my Daddy’s handshake, till he winks behind your back,

Till we fly a kite together, till I’m carried in his pack,

Till he buys a small red wagon, and a cycle, perhaps three wheel,

Till a garden patch gets raided and he spanks because I steal.

Till I’m coddled at your bosom, till I frolick at your feet,

Till I toddle to the door-step, my Dear Parents to greet.

Till you hide a pan of cookies, till you buy my Panda bear,

Till I fluster and confuse you, till I brush your lovely hair.

Ah! Dear Parents, you were baffled, God does understand each case,

For, was He not the author of the troubled human race?

Live your lives with heads uplifted, though you often shed a tear,

Know your child is watching for you, and I’ll wait the many years.

T’is a world that’s too permissive, for I may have brought you grace

Since I truly was a member of your worldly human race.

May I comfort and console you, may I hold you, Parents Dear,

May I wipe away each teardrop that I’ve caused you through the years.

May I claim you, may I keep you, may I call you all my own,

Shall we strut the streets together in this blissful place called home.

I’ll be proud to introduce you, Yes, Dear Lord, my Dad and Mom,

So, Dear Parents, when you’re searching, just please ask for me by name.

Your affectionate child ….                                                        Jamie Jordan