Jim Wood, of Deep Brook, N.S. has been asked to step down from his appointed position by State Deputy Caesar Lalo.  Mr. Wood had reproached the Knights of Columbus at the Nova Scotia State Convention in May of this year for not being militant enough in their opposition to abortion.

An active member of his Council, Mr. Wood had also opposed (U.S.) Supreme Knight Virgil C. Dechant’s letter to state Boards urging the fraternal organization to assist Human Life International (HLI).

The Washington-based pro-life organization has called on the K of C to expel members who take a pro-abortion position in public.  A particularly flagrant example is Senator Ted Kennedy (Dem.-Mass.).

Knight’s head office has adopted the view that it does not want to appear ‘holier than the Church’ when bishops have not moved against pro-abortion Catholics.

Mr. Wood claimed in his letter – not read at the convention, but circulated privately by the state Board – that the Knights were not taking the pro-life cause seriously enough; that they were ambivalent in their support of the pro-life movement; that they were reluctant to give moral and financial support to the rescue movement; and that they would rather please people than God.

As an organization, the Knights of Columbus is strongly pro-life and supports the Bishop financially on educational pro-life projects.