Once upon a time there was a philosophy with noble ideals.  It was called feminism.

But something went wrong.  A movement seeking peace resorted to violence.  A movement fighting discrimination began to discriminate.  A movement comprising the most recent immigrants from ‘non-personhood’ slapped that label on another minority group.

A darling

At the 1989 pro-abortion march in Washington, D.C., children had “I’m a Choice” slogans yoked around their necks.  A Michigan woman there with her six-month-old told a reporter: “Even though she’s a darling and I love here dearly, she’s only here because I want her to be here.”

Imagine the uproar should a man say about his wife: “Even though she’s a darling and I love her dearly, she’s only here because I want her to be here.”  What about unwanted old people, Jews, Blacks, homeless kids, AIDS sufferers – and feminists?

While claiming to fight poverty, feminists have fallen for a cost/benefit analysis in which abortion becomes a bargain.  But it is hardly ‘choice’ if a woman feels driven into the abortionist’s waiting arms.  A nurse told Harpers (October 1987): “Women who have the fewest choices of all exercise their right to an abortion the most.”   Patricia Fernandez of the Pregnancy Aftermath Hotline says the most repeated statement by women is: “I didn’t really want the abortion, but I just didn’t have any choice.”

Choice has become a mockery.

Feminists see themselves as peacemakers in a world of male warmongers, yet ignore the violence inherent in abortion.  They condone search and destroy methods, cutting, scraping, poisoning in a woman’s own womb.

Anti-war activist Juli Loesch-Wiley was lecturing on the effects of nuclear radiation on the unborn, when a woman stood up and said: “If you think radiation damages unborn children, you should see what abortion does.”  Now pro-life, she asks: “If I kill when it’s my choice, how can I ask anybody else not to kill when it’s their choice?”

Delicate ecosystem

Feminists want to protect our delicate ecosystem.  But smaller, developing human life forms within that system don’t count.

I recently saw a feminist shocked by a photograph of an aborted baby, because the poster’s plastic coating was “environmentally insensitive.”  If only feminist conservationists could think of the unborn child as a baby seal or a Tasmanian Huon pine tree about to be wood chipped.

Opposing racism is another feminist hallmark.  What do you think of Edward Alfred, a multi-millionaire and owner of the largest abortion clinic chain in California?  Says he: “Take the influx of Hispanic immigrants.  Their lack of respect for democracy and social order is frightening.  I hope I can do something to stem that tide.”  (San Diego Union, 1990)

In Los Angeles, Mary Ann Knight, M.D., was fired for revealing that Chicano mothers on welfare were being told they would lose their cheques if they did not get abortions.

In a brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1989 Webster v. Reproduction Health Service abortion case, the Feminists for Life Law Project documented gross under reporting of deaths and injuries following abortion.  In Los Angeles County alone, 29 women died following abortions.  Of those, 21 were Black and Hispanic.

Their deaths were not attributed to abortion on official registers.

Womb less males

Gloria Steinem has defined feminism as “A recognition of the equality and full humanity of women and men.”

But thanks to pro-abortion dogma, women must destroy their reproductive ability and imitate womb less males, to be ‘equal.’

Women are restructured, society stays the same.

Feminists view sex-selection abortions as gross discrimination-female babies are the ones most aborted.  But if the fetus is only a blob devoid of rights, and a woman’s ‘choice’ sacrosanct, how can feminists complain?  If it’s OK to abort a baby for whatever reason, why not because it’s female?

The growing membership of Women Exploited by Abortion (WEBA) is expressing a sense of betrayal at not being told the truth about abortion and its ramifications.  Abortionist Dr. Warren M. Hern, quoted in a FFL (Feminists for Life) court brief, says that in medical practice there are “few surgical procedures given so little attention and so underrated in its potential hazards as abortion.”

A former staff member of the Madison Center told Feminist Voices: “The real philosophy is, each woman is worth X amount of money, and the more women we can see, the more money we can make.”

The day the clinic hit peak patient load, the doctor took everyone out to celebrate.

Carol Everett

Carol Everett, former abortion clinic owner, testified in the FFL brief: “I saw death from legal abortions as well as major complications.  I saw abortions performed on women who were not pregnant.  I saw women lied to about the development of their ‘products of conception.’  Doctors rush from room to room sometimes bragging about how fast they could ‘kill a baby.’”

In clutching abortion rights to their breast and loudly enforcing those “rights,” feminists have done women and everybody else a great disservice.

Abortion negates the one awesome power that women have; the power to nurture new life.  We have to support new life.  We have to support a woman’s capacity to handle adversity, without resorting to violence.  Feminists, stop fooling yourselves with a false liberation.