Moncton, N.B. – David Little, President of the Catholics Foundation for Human Life, and Rev. Charles Mersereau, former Navy Chaplain, visited the Moncton Hospital on December 16, 1988, entered an operating room in which abortions are done, and set up a manger on the abortion table with a Christ Child in it.  Little said the protest was held so that he could “call upon all men of good will in this holy season to support human life…and end abortion.”  Father Mersereau, the paper stated, conducted an exorcism before he and Little were removed by security guards.

On being contacted, Archbishop Donat Chiasson said the priest “has no permission to perform exorcisms in this diocese.”  He said that Fr. Mersereau would not be punished, but that he would call Little and him to ask “what the idea of going around doing this?”

On December 19, the Moncton Times Transcript reported Fr. Mersereau as saying he had been “unfairly criticized by the Archbishop.  He had not carried out a solemn exorcism (for which a bishop’s permission is required) but a simple one, consisting of a prayer against Satan which the Pope “exhorts priests to say as often as possible as a simple exorcism to curb the power of the devil and to prevent him from doing harm…”  It is a very beautiful prayer, reminiscent of psalm 90.”

Stated Father Mersereau: “It is reprehensible for Archbishop Chiasson to condemn me for my action when he should be supporting all anti-abortion endeavors in his diocese.