It was reported in the Windsor Star on Sept. 14 that Manitoba Health Minister Larry Desjardins rejected renewed calls for the hospital status for the Morgentaler Manitoba ‘clinic’. There had been hope for some change in the status of the abortuary because the Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons had voted on the weekend (Sept. 10, 11) to take abortions off a list of procedures too dangerous to be handled in ‘clinics’. There was no mention that there is never any medical reason for an abortion (as has been testified in recent court cases) and therefore beg the question as to what weight the doctor’s vote should have with the Manitoba Government.

Mr. Desjardins made a very poignant comment on this non-medical matter saying: “If every group—anybody that wants something—decides they should have a free standing hospital it would cause a lot of problems.” The key word in this statement is ‘something’, not a medical something but just ‘something’. The ‘something’ in this case is murder.

The doctors who voted to ‘take abortion off the list’ realize all too well that an abortion clinic in the neighbourhood would bring them more business in aftermath complication and abortions, as an abortion ‘clinic’ is itself the best advertisement for abortions.

The Morgentaler ‘clinic’ in Manitoba remains open but does not provide abortions, yet does refer pregnant women to North Dakota abortuaries.

Robert Scott of St. Anne de Prescott, Ont., and seven ‘clinic’ employees are to appear in court on Oct. 5 to face charges of conspiracy to procure a miscarriage.

Just as an afterthought, it night be important to note that in 1983 the procedures that the medical governing body still restricts to hospitals include brain surgery, chest openings, amputations and other major operations.