Patricia and Joe Bok live on a 22 acre farm with a pear orchard. The Boks have four children of their own, aged 7 to 15. For the past three years the Bok family have opened their home to six foster children through Jewels for Jesus. The oldest child was almost four. Most of the foster children stay from three to six months. Only one child is placed in their home at a time, unless they are siblings.

“We still see them all and have visited them for the last two years. We buy them all Christmas presents.” Patricia and Joe visit so often they are “aunt” and “uncle.”

The Boks seem to have the physical and emotional room for the children. “We always ask our own kids, ‘Do you want to foster again?’ They give to the go ahead or else we wouldn’t. It has to be a family thing. It’s a sacrifice. You can’t get around as easily. After the children have been place in their adoptive homes, we celebrate with our own kids and do something special with them to show we recognize how much they have done.

Adoptions and Placements in Ontario

Type                                  1982                     1993

CAS                                      1,207                    383

Private                                500                        263

Step-Parent/Relative   2,357                    1,155

Total                                   4,064                      1,801