Rev. Royal Hamel

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.”

A question keeps gnawing away in the back of my mind, “Where is the moral outrage”? Prime Minister Martin, the minister of justice and a handful of judges are hell-bent on imposing state-sanctioned sodomy on all of Canada. They keep saying, “It’s only about civil marriage.” “It’s not going to affect your marriage.” “It’s not going to affect religious freedom.” “It’s not going to affect children placed in these homes.”

This is pure poppycock! Canadians are being led down the garden path. Government officials are naïve at best, or lying about the implications.

But, Canadians are just too nice to get angry. Tolerance, the national virtue, insists that I must grant approval even to that which I consider harmful. This attitude is epidemic in the population at large. Tragically, it is all too common among the religious leadership as well. Christians have heard such unbalanced teaching on love, that to express indignation at sin and folly is regarded as extremism.

Jesus knew better. He was morally indignant when he saw the temple turned into a place of profit over a place of prayer. Outraged, he braided a lash and flogged the moneylenders out of the temple. Luckily, no smarmy Canadian Christian was present, for he would have rebuked Jesus for not being nice enough.

There should be outrage that the Liberal government is seeking to elevate homosexual behaviour to the same status as marriage. They mock the inventor of marriage; they spit in his face by mixing sacred and profane. Where is their authority to change the ancient markers of right and wrong? If they succeed, the law of the land will teach that the homosexual lifestyle is moral, on a par with heterosexual marriage and worthy of emulation.

There should be outrage that Irwin Cotler and other government leaders will not admit same-sex “marriage” will lead to polygamy. Simple logic dictates that if the gender of spouses becomes irrelevant, then very soon the quantity of spouses will also be irrelevant. Who doubts that both Mormons and Muslims will seek to legalize plural wives once gay “marriage” is established?

There should be outrage for the sake of children. For countless youngsters will be deliberately denied either a mom or a dad. They will grow up defrauded and cheated, because a Liberal government promoted systemic discrimination by legislating a mirage of true marriage.

I am outraged by the lack of leadership among the majority of churches. Catholics, by and large, have seen the danger and have risen to the challenge. But where are the rest of Canada’s Christians? Do they fear being perceived as “not loving?” Do they fear losing their charitable tax status or are they merely mired in the sin of indifference? I don’t know. But, this I know with certainty: there will be terrible judgement for blind leaders and muted Christians who despite knowing truth, remained silent, when they, of all people, should have defended God’s plan for marriage. Woe to unsalty salt, for it will be trodden underfoot.

Ecclesiastes reminds us, “To everything there is a season.” There is a time for righteous anger. Outrage is the soul’s inner response to the perverting of truth and morality. It will kindle motivation; it will drive righteous action.

Outrage is not the full answer. But little will be done without it. Its absence is a chilling indictment of Christian leadership. Not to abhor the evil of those who destroy the foundations means that we care neither for truth, nor for our fellow Canadians.

The totally apolitical Hutterites have warned the Prime Minister of a Sodom and Gomorrah type judgment on Canada if same-sex marriage becomes law. They may well be right. But, I predict the apathetic church will be judged first. Woe to the salt that has lost its saltiness