The Canadian government, under the Liberal party, has long funded radical feminist organizations whose objective has been the transformation of society according to their vision. The same strategy has been used to advance the homosexual agenda.

EGALE, the group that fought three court cases resulting in legalization of same-sex unions in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, has posted on its website the fact that the cases were funded by the government-sponsored Court Challenges Program (CCP). The CCP was established in 1994 “to provide financial assistance for important court cases that advance language and equality rights guaranteed under Canada’s Constitution.”

EGALE has received taxpayer funding for years and, according to the rules, is under no obligation to divulge the amounts or frequency of the funding or what it was used for. The CCP itself has a confidentiality ruling that exempts it from any public scrutiny. The CCP rules state that no funding can be used for political lobbying, but the line between court challenges and lobbying becomes ambiguous where the “gay rights” agenda moves easily from courtrooms to changing laws that are usually the prerogative of Parliament.

REAL Women of Canada has been tracking information available about which organizations are funded by the CCP and other groups. REAL Women’s website lists organizations funded through the federally funded Status of Women between 1997 and 2003. REAL Women discovered that homosexual groups also engage in “double dipping;” that is, receiving money from more than one government source at a time. EGALE received funding from two federal agencies, the Status of Women and the Court Challenges Program, in one year.

The list is a who’s who of leftist feminist and homosexual activist and pro-abortion organizations, including, EGALE, Planned Parenthood, Lesbian and Gay Immigration Task Force, Pro-Choice Action Network and the Pride Care Society. REAL Women’s Gwen Landolt says that former heritage minister Sheila Copps, when challenged about the public accountability of these groups, told her to leave them alone. Says Landolt, “She said it was a ‘noble work’ and one not to be disturbed.”

Auditor-general Sheila Fraser is concerned that the Liberals have set up and maintain a large number of foundations and groups that receive funding from the taxpayers for which there is no public accountability. Says Landolt, “It’s very downplayed. They won’t say who got what and how much. Why on earth is taxpayers’ money being handed over holus bolus to all these agencies to use it for what they like? With the Liberals in control, there is no access to this information. Court Challenges is only one of many in which the public has no idea, and neither does the government.”