Linda Burns
The Interim

Over 150 people gathered at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Walkerton, Ont., for a dinner sponsored by Business for Life Awareness. People of many faiths and political viewpoints joined together to promote and encourage a re-awakening of life and family values in our nation.  The keynote speaker was Conservative MP and foreign affairs critic Stockwell Day.

In his address, Day noted that many Canadians operate under a misconception that they themselves are social liberals, yet when confronted with the facts, are forced to admit that they do not agree with many of the current political trends and policies.

For instance, he said he would challenge them on the recent age of consent motion, which was tabled in the House of Commons this fall. It would have raised the age of consent from 14 years to 16 for someone engaging in sexual activity with an adult. The motion was defeated by the government, but he argued many “so-called” social liberals would favour such legislation. Similarly, he suggested that harsher penalties for repeat violent offenders, more stringent restrictions on child pornography and closing a loophole that now fails to protect children from pedophilia would all gain support among the general population, even among those leaning to the left.

Day pointed to our foreign relations with countries that have poor human rights records, the lack of rationale for embryonic stem cell research and the democracy deficit in Parliament. He asserted that Canadians upset with these issues would in truth be best described as small-c conservatives who will find it difficult to vote for the Liberal party in the upcoming election.

Day encouraged those concerned about social issues to find out where their MP or federal candidate stands on those issues, support them wherever possible, whether financially or as a volunteer, and offer positive letters to the editor when a job is well done.

Day credited Campaign Life Coalition and LifeSite News for the excellent work they do in presenting the facts surrounding life and family issues. He also noted their political impact and encouraged continued efforts on the part of all. “Discouragement is not an option,” he told the crowd of about 200 people.

Representatives of presented a short video presentation from the March for Life 2005, highlighting speakers from the Silent No More organization. Everyone present was moved by the testimonies.

Business for Life Awareness is a non-profit organization consisting of business people from around the province, as well as representatives of Campaign Life Coalition. It promotes the pro-life message in the workplace, with customers and suppliers, and offers financial help to various pro-life causes, including The Interim, and Campaign Life Coalition.

For more information about Business for Life, call (519) 366-2406.