I am an evangelical Christian, a Pastor, a husband and a father.

As an evangelical Pastor, I feel deeply responsible to share the wisdom of the Scriptures, and to faithfully apply these Biblical truths to my life.

As a father, I am concerned about the growth and spiritual development of my children. I hope to instill in them the morality and ethics of Christian teachings. In a few years, my children may receive what is purported to be “sex education” within the school system. Such a scenario is one I do not appreciate in the least, and I believe that there is legitimate cause for my concern.

The only human beings, in my opinion, who can adequately teach our beloved children the concepts of sex and sexuality, are the parents. They are the ones who invest years of their lives, nurturing and caring for their children, and teaching them the eternal values of life. Without resorting to arrogance, or hysteria, I do not believe that anyone else can fulfill this responsibility.

Apart from the biological aspect of sex education, will teachers also be instructing our children in the area of establishing role models? Sex education cannot be taught properly without sexuality being an integral part of the teaching process. And sexuality cannot be understood without unfolding what it means to be a man or a woman. What will my children hear in this regard? What curriculum will be used? What theological view of mankind will undergird the concepts taught? Will the public school teacher wax pious on the meaning of sexuality, and stress the values of love, caring, intimacy?

I write this as my two-week-old son sleeps not two feet from me. Te very thought that an eternal God has entrusted me with the task of helping him to know about himself and his God is, a little overwhelming. It is more than a responsibility, it is a privilege. May God help me to do it right!

Tim Cole is pastor and teacher of the Springbank Community Church, Springbank, Alberta.