“Gay pride” season has come and gone on and it’s once again time to look at some of the key corporate and public backers of the annual festivities.

Pride Toronto was supported by Labatt (a diamond sponsor at $100,000-plus that donates all the beer sold), TD Canada Trust and VIA Rail Canada (platinum sponsors), CTV, Air Canada, Rogers, and Polar Ice Vodka (gold sponsors), Hewlett Packard, Motorola and Naya (silver sponsors), Pizza Pizza, Winners, Sirius Satellite Radio, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, York University and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (bronze sponsors), the Toronto Star, CTV News and Planet3Communica-tions Ltd. (media sponsors).

VIA Rail has been particularly cited for “plunging into the gay market” over the last few years. It contributed to gay pride events this year in Hamilton, London and Windsor and has thrown its support behind the World Outgames in Montreal. The Hamilton Pride Festival was supported by some of the same sponsors as in Toronto, including Polar Ice Vodka, but also by others such as Molson.

The Avis car rental firm in the U.S. has taken out ads in hardcore homosexual magazines, announcing it is “coming out in grand style” by including domestic partners as additional drivers internationally. The ad ran with a photo of two men with their arms around each other.

The Commercial Closet, which brings “GLBT sensitivity to corporate advertising,” spotlighted a 2004 print ad for the BMW automobile manufacturer that depicted two smiling men in a car with the caption, “Being out has never been more in.” The gaywheels.com website lists the following automobile companies as “gay friendly”: Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Maybach, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, Scion, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.

A Christian former employee of the Allstate Insurance Company has settled the lawsuit he filed claiming that he was fired because of a column he wrote denouncing homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.” J. Matt Barber said he couldn’t reveal terms of the settlement.

Shareholders in Kraft Foods voted to carry on with company plans to sponsor this year’s Gay Games in Chicago. Other sponsors include American Airlines, Amtrak and Walgreen’s.

The U.S. pro-homosexual organization Equality Forum has identified several corporations that are resisting the inclusion of homosexuality as part of their non-discrimination policies. They include ExxonMobil, Haliburton and Wendy’s. Unfortunately, it is reported that some 92 per cent of Fortune 500 companies do include “sexual orientation” in their non-discrimination policies.

The Ford Motor Company continues to be attacked by pro-family advocates for its brazen support of both the homosexual agenda and the drive for same-sex “marriage” rights. Most recently, it sponsored all four Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Media Awards events in the U.S. See the website boycottford.com for more comprehensive information.

The Canadian branch of Amnesty International has voted to adopt abortion as a “human right,” while the international organization itself will move to consider the decriminalization of abortion in Portugal this summer and then abortion on demand next year.

The Canadian Cineplex Odeon movie theatre chain wouldn’t permit an in-theatre advertising campaign by the Campus Crusade of Christ organization during the running of the controversial Da Vinci Code movie. The campaign was to have encouraged the public to explore religious questions raised by the movie.

The Denver Post reports that companies providing yellow-page listings of Christian-owned businesses are gaining ground throughout the U.S. as Christian shoppers look for businesses that share their faith. One publisher says its listings in 28 U.S. markets are increasing by about 10 per cent every year.

The OneMillionMoms.com campaign says it will monitor U.S. companies that sponsor the racy television program Desperate Housewives and encourage consumers not to buy their products for one year.

Winnipeg-based CanWestGlobalCommunications Corp. aired a blasphemous episode of the satirical animated television series South Park, titled “bloody Mary,” through its New Zealand affiliate C4 earlier this year. It later apologized to New Zealanders for any offence taken and said it would not reair the episode.

Wal-Mart caved in to pressure and said it would begin carrying the abortifacient “emergency contraception” pill Plan B at all its U.S. pharmacies. It did, however, offer the provision that pharmacists who objected to Plan B could refer customers to another pharmacist or pharmacy.

A new company, ProlifePages.com, is offering an online medium to build the pro-life network and funding sources in the U.S. Company profits will be donated to pro-life charitable organizations.

A European ad by the MTV music video station was pulled from the airwaves after the German Advertising Standards Agency condemned it for mocking the Crucifixion.

The Yahoo Inc. internet portal was cited for helping the oppressive Chinese regime convict a dissident trying to create a Freedom and Democracy Party in that country. The Epoch Times newspaper names Microsoft, MSN, Google, Cisco, Motorola and Nokia, in addition to Yahoo, as key collaborators with the Chinese government.

The lifeissues.net website notes how some of the U.S.’s richest men are ardent supporters of Planned Parenthood and its pro-abortion allies. These men include George Soros, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, the David and Lucille Packard Foundation and Warren Buffett.

Meanwhile, the Planned Parenthood watchdog group Life Decisions International has updated its boycott list of companies to include Wal-Mart, CHUM broadcasting, George Weston (which includes Loblaws, Neilsen Dairy, Weston Foods and the President’s Choice brand) and Torstar Corporation, publishers of the Toronto Star newspaper and Harlequin romances.

Also cited by LDI are U.S. charitable groups such as the American Cancer Society, the Dr. Phil Foundation, Kiwanis clubs, Girl Scouts, Rotary clubs, the March of Dimes and the YWCA. A list of various local and regional boycott targets is available on the internet at www.fightpp.org/show.cfm?page=regional.